All items are sold "as is" without any parts or labor warranty.  Buyer is responsible for all inspecting the items for sale.  Seller does not warranty any item as to power requirements, drain, electrical or water supply.  Transportation is not provided unless prior arrangements are made with in writing.

Modified 7/8/13

All of the items listed below are subject to prior sale and the basic rule of the used equipment industry controls; the first who arrives with cash in his hand becomes the owner. If you see equipment listed here you want, please don't wait too long or expect us to hold it for you on a telephone call or your promise to pay in the future.

Please note that the equipment listed as being available from another Laundromat owner (offsite) means that the equipment is not in our warehouse; showing up at our offices expecting to view all the equipment will disappoint.  It is best of you can observe equipment in operation.
We sell used equipment that we have in stock and also sell equipment on consignment for Laundromat owners. If you're going to buy new equipment for your store contact us early so we can list your old equipment on this web site and potential buyers will have a chance to view the equipment in operation. You may also email us to have us sell your equipment. Send digital pictures, models, age and the prices you want for your equipment.
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